League of Explorers

League of Explorers is a classroom role-playing game where learners create identities as world-traveling adventurers wit which they work together to solve problems across world cultures. The game works using the same mechanic as Deadway, in that the teacher presents missions, and the students work together in groups to solve them by creating their own dangers and invoking their characters’ skills and traits.

Unlike Deadway, which is themed on finding beauty in a desolate world, this game’s theme revolves around interacting with various cultures. The students’ passports/character sheets thus have culture markers which can be filled out during the course of play to eventually give a bonus. With university students, I let my students fill in a culture marker at the end of class if they could describe one way they affected or were affected by another culture. With elementary school students I taught at a camp this past winter who took the game very seriously, I let them fill in a culture marker when they wrote about a country’s culture in their journals. In both cases, the reward was a 20-sided die in a mission when they invoked some of their cultural knowledge.

Here is the link to download passport/character sheets . They should be printed double-sided, cut out, then folded in half to open like a passport. Also, here are copies of  a  sample mission file and an XP spreadsheet that I used in class.


Passport front/back


Passport inside

League of Explorers can be used as a supplement to many mainstream coursebooks that focus on building intercultural communication, but neglect the role of identity experimentation, learner agency, collaborative problem-solving, and goal-directed action. If you have any questions about implementing this, don’t hesitate to contact me on twitter or email.


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