About this site

This site contains role-playing games to be used in language learning classrooms. These are games which involve students creating narratives while assuming characters in jointly built worlds. All these games are offline worlds, meaning they are created through discourse, not piloting an avatar through a computer-generated environment. These games can supplement a language learning curriculum by affording students a place where they can explore identities as they use language to maintain intersubjectivity. For more details on these games and learning theories, check out my thesis: Affordances toward fluency: Second language emergence in a classroom role-playing game.

About the author

I have been teaching EFL for over 10 years and currently work as an editor/writer/teacher trainer as well as international coordinator for an education company in Korea. My current areas of interests in learning include communities of practice, symbolic competence, and complex, dynamic systems, although I am always interested in viewing things from new perspectives. I have an MA in TESOL from Sookmyung Women’s University. You can follow me on Twitter at @dbr_wn

– Daniel


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