Deadway at the KOTESOL National Conference 2014

I’ll be doing a workshop on Deadway this weekend (5/31) at the KOTESOL National Conference at Kyungpook National University in Daegu. It will be in room 304 of the Global Plaza at 4:30. Below is the session abstract:

A growing field of interest in L2TL is the use of game-based learning (Sykes & Reinhardt 2013). However, the majority of games for education have taken a behaviourist approach to the learning process. Another view of learning posits that it is an interplay between the social and the cognitive (Atkinson 2002), and it’s this principle applied in a unique yet pragmatic way that we will explore in this session through a game-mediated activity. In this interactive workshop, we will be playing Deadway, a classroom role-playing game about survival and rebirth in a post-apocalyptic world. Attendees will work together in small groups to solve problems, defend values, reconnect with what they have lost, and rebuild a new world according to their beliefs. While not a digital game in the sense that the virtual world primarily exists and is renegotiated in the collective imaginary spaces between players and facilitator, participants should have at least one device per group with Google Drive and KakaoTalk installed.

BTW, I’ve realized that the KakaoGroup app is the quickest way to get people into the appropriate group chat. So, if you read this and are attending, please have KakaoGroup installed and then you can just join the group by going to this link on your device.

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