Deadway: a Language-learning Classroom RPG About Rebuilding Hope in a Post-apocalyptic World

Deadway is that latest game that I’ve run enough times and tidied up enough to publish here. Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, your students will need to band together in small groups as they navigate the perils of a world gone wrong, while at the same time seeking to forge a new society based upon their own ideals. A Vygotskian-inspired work, Deadway can turn the ordinarily mundane task of language production into an engaging experience for students as their trials become part of a grand story jointly created in a shared imaginary space that takes center stage in your classroom.

Similar to other games here, you will need character sheets and about 10 dice to run. There’s also a mission templates file and an xp chart in Google Docs. For more info, check out the Deadway page.



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