Business English with Office World

I’ve just put up a detailed rules page for running Office World. Office World let’s you contextualize tasks in your business English classrooms by weaving everything into narratives. Instead of the typical model of asking your students to do a series of random assignments for reasons not readily apparent except to those with long-range goals of fluency or an inherent intrinsic motivation towards the linguistic, Office World engages students by framing language learning around the lives of fictional characters your students create and act through and the daily jobs they have to work on.

The theme for Office World is inspired by TV shows such as The Office and The IT Crowd, as well as the movie Office Space. The system is a little different from previous ones because the jobs students work on aren’t rated by difficulty. Instead, there is a drama level to each job which is based on how many dramatic things happen. This is inspired by how danger dice are used in John Harper’s Danger Patrol or the way details are added to scenes in Daniel Bayn’s Wushu Open. Also, despite the name, it’s not actually based on Vincent Baker’s popular Apocalypse World, except for the way that it’s more concrete in how it deals with resolutions.

So, if you’re looking to try something new in your classes, check it out!

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