Updated Character Sheets

I made a few changes to the character sheet for TaleCrafters to reflect the combo system, which replaces the achievements mechanic from before. The pdf is located here. Also, the rules page has also been updated with an explanation on using combos.

Basically, the way combos work is by students keeping track of when they’ve succeeded or failed at each skill by filling out part of a circle. Once they’ve filled out the circles for two skills, they can they combine them to do a combo, which gives them a bonus die for the quest. I put an example of that in the rules, which talks about the Spaniard from the movie The Princess Bride who says, ‘You killed my father’ before a sword fight. In this game, that would be an example of either a history/sword combo or a scare/sword combo.

I was also going to get rid of the attributes, but when I took them out I realized it made the game to one-dimensional because students basically relied only on skills. So I instead added some more examples of how to use attributes in a more simple manner to cure conditions.  There are also circles next to the attributes now because I’ve changed the rules there a bit. Students need to use a different attribute each time they want to earn a trait. Next week I’m going to talk more about controlling the games difficulty level through the way conditions and attributes work. I also plan to put together lots of examples for conditions and traits to make the game more accessible to the youngest learners.

Finally I added a level/xp chart for levels 11-20 and also tweaked the xp chart for levels 1-10 a little so that more skills are given out. Check the rules page for info on the special things characters get beyond level 10. That’s all for now…



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