KOTESOL 2012 Wrap-up

Thanks to everyone who came to my presentation on Saturday. I was really shocked by how many people were there, as I only anticipated a couple colleagues, someone I knew doing his thesis on gamification, and then a few people who might have chanced upon it. In the end all the seats were filled up and there were enough people to make several groups standing in the back and on the sides. So, it was a real trial by fire for me since I had only explained the game before to 1 or 2 people at a time. I really learned a lot, though, from all the questions people asked and the comments people gave me throughout the rest of the conference.

I have a strong desire now to present it again, but I realize there’s no way I can do it all in a 50-minute time slot. I barely got halfway through what I wanted, and that was even with a last-minute cutting out of all the slides I had on education, ELT, and role-play theory. We ran out of time just as the workshop was going to get started and participants were to start questing. After that we were even supposed to design quests together. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to present this again, but in multiple sessions. It would be 2 at the very least, more if people are interested in the sci-fi and office games I put up after this semester.

Thanks to the feedback at KOTESOL, I’ll be making some overdue updates soon to the TaleCrafters framework. It will take a few days at least for me to update the webpage and redesign the character sheets, so I’ll briefly explain the changes here. First I’ll be axing the attributes (body,mind,spirit). That means recovering from conditions just involves using skills. I’m also getting rid of the achievements, which I didn’t even get to talk about in the presentation, and replacing them with a combo system that serves the same purpose but fits in with student narratives better. I’m also going to explain how students level up beyond level 10, which involves skill masteries and criticals, instead of just increased skill levels.

Anyhow, thanks to everyone one who came out, and hopefully I can get another workshop scheduled sooner rather than later!

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3 Responses to KOTESOL 2012 Wrap-up

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  2. Hi Daniel,
    I attended your session and absolutely loved it.
    The Tale Crafters Framework is really intriguing in its adaptability to different contexts/ specific goals and skills. I really enjoyed how you explained that the framework and individual activities within it are scalable- you could use an entire class period, or simply 10 minutes depending on the needs of the class and day.
    Thanks for the excellent ideas and examples!

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I’m glad you liked the KOTESOL session. The time went by so quickly I didn’t really get a chance to assess how people were taking it in. Well, keep me posted if you’re trying out the framework in your classes and need further ideas or advice.

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