TaleCrafters at Summer Camp, Blog Updates, and KOTESOL 2012

Thanks to everyone who’s checked out the TaleCrafters classroom RPG thus far. It was recently run at a summer camp for elementary school kids and I’d say the kids were really impressed with it. One student even made his final speech about his character and the quests he and his classmates went on. I’m currently in the process of writing it out in more detail and on a WordPress page instead of in the Google Presentations format it’s in now. It’s been in a Google Presentations format because it’s been easier to export the slides I used in class and because that format has become second nature to me. Also, dividing up the concepts and rules into single slides seemed like a good way to keep things simple.  I’m also considering some rule changes based on classroom observations. For example, the level-up rate might be increased, and also the ‘learning from failure’ concept might be a little rough on young kids.

I’ve also trimmed this blog down by about 50,000 words by temporarily taking down most of my blog posts. I’d rather not confuse people with all the various rulesets I’ve experimented with. I also don’t want to prejudice people with what I’ve done in my classes, but rather have people read the framework and let their own imaginations run wild with what they can do with it.

Finally, I’ll be running a presentation/workshop at this year’s KOTESOL conference at Sookmyung University in Seoul on either October 20th or 21st. I don’t have the exact time  and room yet, but I will post that when I know it.

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